Aurie and Goff Brown

Dear Kay,

Happy Winter Solstice to ya, hope you and Torm are spendin’ it cuddled up with the kiddos, some spiced whiskey and a fat chunk of steak! Gosh, I’m just realizin’ that those little ones are growin’ up so fast! Evan’s almost a man now, I see him tryin’ to practice huntin’ with Torm’s bow when he sneaks out sometimes, and Mare’s already startin’ to cook, and sew and keep that house in line like her momma! 

Goff and I are doin’ just fine too, will probably be spendin’ the day relaxin’ in bed before the big festival tonight. I think the Hewers are hostin’ this year, although I’ll send Goff out to ask as soon as we’re done with all our sleepin’. 

Hope you like the gift, Goff had to wiggle and waggle when that trader came into town but when we saw it we just thought of y’all and couldn’t let it go. Love y’all more than life itself!

See y’all tonight,




© Colin Sharpe 2017

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