August 9, 2020

Hello there y’all, Colin here with another quick Monday update and a whole lot more Seventh Valkyrie content to share! I remember writing, in which blog or podcast I can’t remember, that I’m actually partially discovering this world with you guys. Sure, I know the maps, I know the plan, I know the general strokes

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The Encyclopedia Edara | Fleshing Out The World

August 6, 2020

In this article, we tackle the two main challenges to ideating a book — too many options, and not enough creative juice — and also take a look at a fun exercise for generating writing prompts. As we mentioned in the beginning of this series, once you’ve decided to write a book, presumably the book

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Finding Things to Write About | Building Blocks, Inspiration, and Writing Prompts

August 3, 2020

A Monday funday kind of update for this particular article! Told y’all I wasn’t gonna be gone for too long.  First off, I’ve been working with a designer, the incredibly talented Emily Anne Sharpe (check her out at @emilyanneink), to create some logos for some of the characters of the series.  We’re going to be

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New Logos, New Merch, and New Character Content!

July 28, 2020

And so the show rolls on!  With last week’s final Director’s Commentary in the books, it’s time to officially turn the page on A Slanted Reflection: The Seventh Valkyrie Volume 1, and start looking ahead! You can also find the video version and audio versions of this article. If You Haven’t — Check Out the

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And That’s a Wrap! | Saying Goodbye to Volume 1

July 19, 2020

Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to week 8, the final week of The Seventh Valkyrie read along and director’s commentary, accompanying the launch of A Slanted Reflection! We’re finishing up today, and I’m geeking! Can’t believe we’ve gotten through this full series, and I’m stoked.  For this week, we’re looking at Chapter 21, Chapter 22,

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A Slanted Reflection Director’s Commentary | Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Epilogue