And That’s a Wrap! | Saying Goodbye to Volume 1

By Colin Sharpe

July 28, 2020

And so the show rolls on! 

With last week’s final Director’s Commentary in the books, it’s time to officially turn the page on A Slanted Reflection: The Seventh Valkyrie Volume 1, and start looking ahead!

You can also find the video version and audio versions of this article.

If You Haven’t — Check Out the Series!

Before we look ahead, if you haven’t had a chance to read Volume 0 and Volume 1, you can do it by clicking on the photos above. Volume 0 is free (and always will be) to try out the series, and both books are available as eBooks, Audiobooks, and Paperback (on Amazon). 

A Moment Apart (Great Odesza Album Btw, Check it Out)

And now, for the moment, I’m taking a little hiatus from writing the series! Trust me, it won’t be as long as George R. R., but I’m planning a little personal time to recharge the creative juices and let the inspirational garden flourish. 

Trust me, I’ll holler when I’m back on the 7th Valkyrie warpath, and the time will pass shorter than you think 😉

Not a Goodbye Though!

I’m taking a break from the series, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be gone! In the meantime, I’ll actually be posting pretty frequently on the 7th Valkyrie Blog. That’s where I talk about writing and creating, about my favorite shows, about what’s going on around here. Maybe even a little “World of the Seventh Valkyrie” content. 

So you’re not rid of me just yet!

Who can say no to this little cutie???

And a Humble Request (or Three)

Before you go, I wanted to ask you three simple things.

First, if you haven’t read the books or listened to them, give ‘em a shot! They’re relatively short, digestible, and I’m immensely proud of them.

Second, if you’ve read or listened to the book and you have a few minutes, leave a review (wherever you listened to it). Reviews are the lifeblood of independent authors, and that 3-4 minutes can really make a difference!

And finally, if you’re enjoying the series, it would be awesome if you could share it with anyone that you think might enjoy it too! No need to go obnoxious on social media (unless you really want to!). But personal recommendations to a friend or family member are incredibly powerful! Even if you can just think of one person who might like the series, let ‘em know!

This journey wouldn’t be possible without your help and support, so for that I’m immensely grateful. The calls and messages I’ve gotten in the past two months since the launch have brought me to tears of joy. Each time I talk to you guys it reinvigorates my love for this adventure.

So thank you! And remember that if you ever have questions about the series, you can reach out on our website!

Also, as a little thank you, I’ve included a little pre-release look at some character art for the Seventh Valkyrie. Say hello to Cyrus!

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart.


Colin Sharpe

About the author

Hey y'all, my name is Colin, and I'm the writer and creator of the Seventh Valkyrie Series. Born in raised in New Orleans, currently on a tour of the world writing wherever I go, and turning it all into stories. Hope y'all like reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

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