To Feel Truly Alive | Seventh Valkyrie Live #3

By Colin Sharpe

October 16, 2020

Hey everyone, this is Val. Uh. First time I’m doing this intro and I’ve never been very good at reading off of a script, so I’m kind of winging it. 

Everyone doing alright? Have you stepped out of your rhythm and routine, and felt truly alive recently? When we spend so much time on the news and social media, droning from moment to moment, dropping into the raw, untamed force of life… well it’s precious. 

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Cyrus: Hello everyone and welcome to Seventh Valkyrie Live! I’m your host Cyrus Delgami, and joining me I have as always the ever electic BC —

BC [Yawning]: Hey Cyrus, how’s it going?

Cyrus: BC, we’re two seconds into the podcast can you bring some energy?

BC [Excited]: Hey Cyrus, how’s it going? Ya ready for the podcast? Ready steady? Ready steady deady Freddy? Oh my gosh I just love podcasting it’s so much fun eeeee

Val [Chuckling]: And I’m Val

Cyrus: Val, I wrote like sixteen different intros I wanted to run by you this week, I think they were really good!

Val: As I said, I’m Val. And now on into the news. 

[The News]

Cyrus: Ya know, while I admit that it is definitely time for the news, I have a brief complain to address. For the fact that neither of you guys show up to the pitch meetings you sure have a lot of ideas about how this thing can be better

BC: I don’t really do planning, I’d much rather be living the fantastic life that makes me such a desirable guest on this show

Val: I told you I didn’t like my intro last week. So I did it this week.

Cyrus: I… fine, I get it. 

[Crinkles paper]

Cyrus: Well as we reach the November election in the U.S., it seems like this clown circus is coming to an end one way or another. Trump got COVID and is drugged up on a bunch of steroids acting like a total freakin’ lunatic

Val: So remind me what’s different? 

BC: Boom, got him Val. 

Cyrus: Also it seems like the good guys are winning the debates. I mean come on, a fly landed on Pence’s head for two full minutes, I don’t think even Colin could write something that obviously symbolic and get away with it. 

BC: Ugh, I hate flies. Aren’t they a sign of death, decay, and sickness in like… every single culture and religion on this planet? Especially Pence’s?

Val: No you see BC, the massive plague ravaging the world and the country wasn’t enough of a sign for them.

Cyrus: Weapons hot today I see. Although to be fair, anything would be mellow compared to two weeks ago. 

BC: Don’t remind me. You got more good news? 

Cyrus: Actually yeah. Biden’s ahead by 16 points in some polls, leading in almost every battleground state, there’s been a 10X increase in early voter turnout… the numbers are looking very, very favorable. Aside from, ya know, widespread cheating and voter suppresion like that jerk in Texas.

BC: So when do we pop the champagne?

Val: When the bastard leaves the White House, whether that’s in handcuffs or under his own will. Americans think they’re above a military coup attempt, but without a massive landslide and diligence against the widespread cheating… well, we know this ratfucker and the people who support him. 

Cyrus: Now, apart from the harsh language, I actually agree with Val. People need to show out in numbers, and they are, but there’s no “too much” here. If you’re contributing already, keep contributing, and if you can do more, do more. 

BC: Yeah, ya know what, make it a full sweep. Take back the Senate, take back local legislatures, and most of all, humiliate this fucker. I want him leaving in the biggest landslide in US history, then getting thrown in jail to simmer and whine like a caged puppy for the rest of his life. Oh god, can you imagine that? The fall from grace? The shame. The crashing down, mind-crushing justice? Mmmm, it’s so sweet. 

Val: Pretty big ladyboner for justice you’ve got there. I wouldn’t have expected that from the Underworld Princess.

BC: Not justice, revenge. Ohhhhh god revenge is sweet, especially on someone who deserves it. I haven’t had some good revenge since we got here. Cyrus can I go out and get some revenge? Just a little bit. Beat the shit out of a dude getting handsy in a bar, punch a politician in the balls?? I swear no one’ll trace it back to me. 

Cyrus: No… BC… no, please don’t. 

BC: Fine. Well ya know what, here’s the deal champs and chumps! Get out there and vote! Call every friend you have, and make sure they did. If the voice of this nation speaks, ain’t no chance in hell that justice ain’t served. Drop the mic on this motherfucker and start the push to America 2.0! Boom, roasted, into the next segment. Vote!

[Segment: To Feel Truly Alive]

Cyrus: So for this segment, I wanted each of us to focus on the things that make us feel really alive. A lot of us have been sort of caught in the slog recently, and it’s always worthwhile to think about the things that really feel like living! Not just being on autopilot, ya know, really living. 

So each of us came with three

BC: I didn’t. 

Cyrus: BC, really?

BC: Nah, I’m kidding. I brought my three. 

Cyrus: Gah… okay.

Val: I also forgot my three. 

Cyrus: Really Val? 

Val: No. I brought them.

BC: Got him. 

Cyrus [yelling]: We’re all gonna say three things that make us feel alive and then discuss! BC go first!

BC: Well for me, I love just going out and letting loose at a great fucking party. Dancing, having some drinks, smokin’ some drugs, stepping into an altered state for a little while. I used to really love psychedelics… well I don’t anymore but there’s something that happens at a party or a gathering that you can just step away from reality for a while.

Val: Never been much of a partier so I don’t have anything to add here. 

Cyrus: I do! I think that drink, drugs, or not, you’re right BC. There’s something special about a party, an event, that lets us step out of ourselves for a bit. I hope everyone stuck at home can find some time to zoom, or do a distanced party!

Val: Okay, I’ll go next. I feel alive when I push myself beyond all limits physically. Just absolutely kill yourself on a workout, in a sport. Do I need to say more?

BC: Such a meathead. I mean, I totally get you, I know what you’re talking about, but you’re still a meathead. 

Cyrus: I’ll have to try that out Val! I’ve always loved exercising, but I’m not quite as good when it comes to really putting it all on the line. I’m sure people can find a way to do that safely at home too!

Val: There ya go. 

Cyrus: Well for my first one, I just love eating really good food. I know that’s like… pretty common but it never ceases to amaze me what people can do with food, and if you just sit and enjoy it….Gah! I love it! Mmmm I’m hungry. 

BC: Oh, have you ever been to Eclipse? They, are, amazing.

Cyrus: As of the time of recording it’s not even season 2 and I’ve barely spent any time on Edara.

BC: Oh. Well you should. 

Val: What an excellent comment. 

BC: Shut up meathead. Guess it’s me again, and I guess the Eclipse segue is a good one because — and I’ll kill both of you if you take this the wrong way — sometimes it’s super nice to just get dressed up to the nines. Like, I love my combats and leather jacket, but on occasion it feels fucking powerful to be classy and elegant and sexy. 

Cyrus: I don’t remember much fashion from Valgardia but I can definitely see where you’re coming from. 

Val: No, she’s right. 


Val: What? The few banquets I attended… well, I didn’t do it myself cause they had a whole time, but it definitely makes you feel better than yourself in some ways. And I imagine when people have been working from home for ages, they’ll be thrilled to look good again. 


Val: Never would have thought that would be such a shocker to y’all. Fine, my next one is taking the hounds out and letting them play in the woods. I have a command for that, Livra, which basically means they can go out and explore whatever catches their interest. It’s nice to let them drive every once in a while, and they have a sort of innocent wonder about everything. Now, I always bring a weapon in case they find a bearboar or a giant lizard or some shit, but ya know. 

BC: Cyrus… he’s really cute when he’s not trying to kill you, isn’t he? 

Cyrus: Hey, don’t drag me into this. 

BC: No, for real. Look at this fuzzy cuddly snuggly sweet Wolf. 

Cyrus: Now wait a second BC, I’ve got something similar. I think that heading out and exploring nature is a pretty fantastic thing to do. We spend so much time in systems and towns that we’ve organized that it’s nice to go out into a place where life has its own order. 

BC: But I expected that from you Cyrus, you’re a Valgardian. Hell, I’ve seen less misty eyes from wildspeakers watching a forest fire. But this guy… look at him. All snuggly. 

Val: Well if it restores my image of you, my last one is the thrill of competition, especially a good fight. Nothing quite like facing off with someone, and putting everything on the line, win or lose. When I was younger, we used to finish every day scrapping on the beach. You’d get beat up, bloodied a bit, but it was some of the most alive I would ever feel. 

BC: Well there’s the meathead I was expecting. Of course your favorite times hanging out with friends would be beating the shit out of them. Meanwhile, I much prefer just sitting out and enjoying the sunset with friends. No obligations, no violence, hell I usually don’t even have any drugs. Just that moment of peace and safety where you know that it’s all gonna be alright. At least for a little while… Anyway, much better than fighting them.

Cyrus: It’s not a competition BC. See, I also like some cozy times, but I usually like it when you can read a good book, or listen to a good story, or some good music. Ya know, one thing about being here is that they have SO MUCH good music and books, and they have these things called podcasts and movies and video games. If you get yourself into the right mindset, then experiencing art can be something more than just killing time. It can be something really special!

BC: And speaking of art, go listen to our fucking adventures!

Val: I agree, they should definitely listen to our adventures. 

Cyrus: Guys… that’s not the point! We’re trying to save the world, not push product! 

BC: Ah bullshit, why can’t you do both?

Val: He’s got a point Cyrus. They should really support the author and all of our

Cyrus: Okay, we’re cutting it off! We’re done here! So from BC, we have three things: a great party, dressing up to the nines, and spending time with friends. From Val, we have three: pushing yourself beyond all limits physically, exploring with a loved pet, and the thrill of competition or a good fight. And then from me, we have eating really good food, exploring nature, and diving into some really wonderful art. 

BC: Ya know what, I actually think that that’s a pretty good list. 

Cyrus: I agree! And to you audience: what makes you feel truly alive? Cause whatever it is, now is the time to do it. 

Well that’s all our time for this week! I’ve been Cyrus Delgami, this has been BC and Val, and you’ve been listening to Seventh Valkyrie Live!


Colin Sharpe

About the author

Hey y'all, my name is Colin, and I'm the writer and creator of the Seventh Valkyrie Series. Born in raised in New Orleans, currently on a tour of the world writing wherever I go, and turning it all into stories. Hope y'all like reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

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