Tower of God Review Season 1 | Seventh Valkyrie Reviews #3

By Colin Sharpe

July 10, 2020

On today’s edition of “Seventh Valkyrie Reviews” — my little series that’s part review, part recommendation, entirely just an excuse to talk about my favorite things and share them with you guys — I’ll be talking about a show that just finished airing. It’s a Tower of God Review!

Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Season 1, is an anime by Crunchyroll and Webtoon based off of the show by SIU

You can watch the review on YouTube above, or listen to it on the podcast if you’d like to hear me go into a smidge more depth (and make random non-sequiturs). 

The Rating | 6 out of 7 Stars

It’s funny, at the end of watching this first season of the show, I don’t know that I can point to many specific standout moments, which I don’t say as a bad thing. 

Tons of anime, especially seasonal anime, often fall into a tried and true formula where they’re building to a few key beats that they know will sell. 

Hero discovers exceptional power. Hero comes from behind. Beach episode. Romantic teaser episode. They play the opening theme song during the climactic battle.

Now, I’ve talked before on the podcast about tropes and cliches, and I’m no huge critic of drawing from what you know works. It’s just that, sometimes in between things can get lazy. You have those familiar buttons, and everything in between is just filler. 

Instead, I simply found this show colorful and compelling from start to finish each episode. The world is outstandingly imagined and detailed, and aquatic influences made the whole thing feel fresh and new. 

That extends to the characters as well. The cast was diverse, their motives were all well-developed, and each felt like they had a true reason to be doing what they did. Not to mention the fact that their designs were absolutely fantastic.

This blue guy’s name is Kun Aguero, which is 100% a soccer reference. Yussss.

Watching this weekly, it was like a little snack for the imagination, an escape from reality into a fascinating world with a compelling, grand adventure to settle into. And it gets a lot of points for that. 

Why 6 Out of 7 Stars for this Tower of God Review?

I thought this show was exceptionally solid, enjoyable, and without any major flaws. But at the same time, at least from Season 1, it didn’t make that kind of lasting emotional impact that would break it into the hallowed 6.5 or 7 range. 

There were for sure some cool moments, and some amazing visuals, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The very first episode or two, where Bam/Yoru (their names are different in text vs Japanese due to the significance of the word) enters the tower and deals with the White Steel Eel (below), were beautiful.

There were other scenes throughout the season that I won’t spoil, but I found them all to be tightly done and well-executed.

But when it came to brass tacks, every episode was “just” enjoyable and compelling, without breaking into that truly exceptional echelon. 

Final Thoughts on Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Season 1

I think that this season suffered from an ailment that all long series suffer from in the beginning. If you’re going to take your time, build the conflict slowly, and give yourself room to grow, you’ve got to take it slower in the beginning. 

From what I’ve heard in the rumblings around the community, the series really picks up in the later seasons. And while I haven’t gone ahead and gotten the comic to get ahead, I can see it. 

There’s a lot of work done here, and a grand world yet to explore. And with people calling this the “Bleach of Korean Webtoons”, which is high praise from the anime community, I’m pleasantly excited to be on this train as it’s departing. 

So Should You Watch Kami no Tou? 

I definitely think so. There are the makings of an epic here. And from the execution of season 1 to the fervor of the community, there are signs of what could be a truly exceptional series. 

Who knows! Maybe I’ll come back to this Tower of God review in a few seasons and be blown away as to how I possibly could have given it only a 6/7. 

But hey, that would be an awesome surprise!

You can currently watch Kami no Tou (Tower of God) Season 1 on Crunchyroll

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