The following is a person-of-interest filing regarding the horrific attacks on Sunsetton, and the murder of thirteen Sunsetton soldiers on Autumn 2, 7 ANE (Age of New Edara)

Full Name: Bram Cooper
Nationality: Edaran
Age: 55
Description: 6’2″, large build, brown hair and eyes
Notable Skills: Farming
Known Associates: Cyrus Delgami, Salwae Cooper, Samantha Cooper, Roger Cooper, Tim Cooper, Officer Danny Wharta, Trandel Crenshaw, Sam Portha
Potential Threat: Low

Notes: Mr. Cooper has a long history of work with Sunsetton, with records showing a 35 years of consistent trading within the city. Originating from Cranston, he has no record of any criminal violations in Sunsetton or any other city/parish across Edara, and numerous character references regarding his generosity, even temper, and sense of justice. However, Mr. Cooper is under investigation and under warrant to be detained for questioning with regards to the smuggling of one Cyrus Delgami into the city, who is deeply connected with the attacks on Autumn 2.

Mr. Cooper’s whereabouts are currently unknown.



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