An Open Letter to Whoever is Reading It,

Hey! You!

Yeah you! You sittin’ down and readin’ this? Good, I’m glad you took the time from your busy schedule to add a little culture to your life.

What, surprised that I’m talking to you, reader? Heh. Figures.

Name’s C, but since I like to think that you and I are friends, you can call me C. Which, admittedly, is the same as my name, but one letter really ain’t much to f**king work with for nicknames.

Wait, what the f**k?

F**k. F**ky F**k F**k.

You’re censoring me? Really? You can say fuck on the internet, jackass. No Cyrus, I will not explain to you what the internet is, just forget it.

To all readers here and in the future, or anyone that finds this journal entry, keep reading these damn stories whenever we write them. Cause we sure as hell ain’t finished, we sure as hell ain’t beaten, and it won’t be long before the whole world knows our name. Yes, Cyrus, I do believe that. Yes, I do want you to write down everything that I’m thinking to you. Someone might read this someday.

Until next time.




© Colin Sharpe 2017