After the Events of A Fallen Star

The following is a person-of-interest filing regarding the horrific attacks on Sunsetton, and the murder of thirteen Sunsetton soldiers on Autumn 2, 7 ANE (Age of New Edara)

Full Name: Cyrus Delgami

Nationality: Unknown

Age: ~20

Description: Average Height, Athletic Build, Golden Eyes, Gold-and-black hair

Known Associates: Bram Cooper

Extranatural: Unconfirmed, Highly Probable

Potential Threat: High

Notes: Mr. Delgami was first reported entering Sunsetton on the evening of Autumn 1, 7 ANE, accompanied by longtime merchant and trader Bram Cooper. The next day, he is reported as attending The Fat Traveler and heading for the Port Authority, where reports of his whereabouts stop. Mr. Delgami appeared again after the attack on the Port Authority, reportedly covered in water and searching for Mr. Cooper. The two then reportedly attempted to flee the city and were pursued to the edge of the Western Expanse, where the pursuit party was murdered and the bodies burned, most likely by an Extranatural force. Mr. Delgami was last seen entering the Western Expanse and disappearing, with no confirmed location of Mr. Cooper.

Recommendation: Proceed with EXTREME caution when dealing with this potential threat. Highly probable connection to the attacks in Sunsetton.

After the Events of A Slanted Reflection

The following is a report fired by Rolman, the Gray-Wind in the Late Evening and First Western Watcher for The Wild. 

To Our Allies in Rene, 

I hope this message finds you in safety, as another time of bared teeth and sharpening claws may soon be upon us. The darkness that faced upon Apostalys’s arrival creeps forward and grows bold, and we must remain vigilant. Further reports will explain in greater detail. 

The carrier of this letter travels under the word of Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim, the Star Tailed comet, escorting the first known Valgardian in centuries.

Note immediately, his power appears to be nonexistent apart from an above-average resonance. 

However, he will stand out immediately as not of this land. His hair and eyes shine like the sun in the late-summer grasses. His size and shape are of little note, but he blinks a gentle gold on the other world and has a scent best described as foreign-shimmering-starlight. 

The boy identifies as “Cyrus Delgami”, and his circumstances are shrouded in mystery. He claims a faded memory and the determined pursuit of a similar Valgardian force. 

Under orders from Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim, he should be tested, guarded, and probed for further information regarding the Valgardians. In the case of coming darkness, he could be a great ally or a great danger. Ensure it is the first. 

May the stars watch over you, and the moon shine bright. 

Gray-Wind in the Late Evening Rolman

First Western Watcher for the Wild

© Colin Sharpe 2017