Black Crystal — A highly addictive and potent drug that has been unilaterally banned in Edara. Consumed by smoking or ingesting crushed powder.

Edara (Eh-Dar-uh) — The common name for the continent containing the Nation of Edara and smaller states.

Gifted — The Free Peoples’ term for humans born with extranatural powers, regardless of magnitude.

Heaven’s Gate — A large city located at the edge of the Edaran deep-south, bordered nearby by the Wasteland, currently under Edaran control. The capital of the Free Nation for the duration of its existence, and the location of the decisive battle of the Edaran War.

Minns — A small village on the edge of the Killiara Valley. Little to no economic activity outside of subsistence farming/hunting/trapping.

Mandas — The capital of Edara, located east of the center of the continent. Referred to colloquially as Central.

Mandarian (Man-Dare-E-N) River  — One of Edara’s largest rivers, flows from the central-west coast deep into the interior of the country.

Nation of Edara — The primarily natural-born human nation comprising most of the Edaran continent. Has a history of conflict with the Gifted peoples of the continent.

Old Edaran — An antiquated language previously spoken by one of the groups that united to form the Nation of Edara. Mostly extinct as a spoken language, although many of its words influence the current Edaran language.

Railenheim — Considered the “capital of the North”, Railenheim is a large city to the far North on the edge of the ice lands that stands as a link between the states of the north, and Edara. Under joint Edaran-Railen rule, Railenheim is one of the largest exporters of raw minerals and other materials on the continent.

Rene (Reen) — The port connecting the Mandarian river to the sea. Split into New and Old cities by the Mandarian, and bridged by the Krastern Bridge.

Scorcher — Colloquial term for a Tier 3 or higher, Flare-class Extranatural. Scorchers are powerful and dangerous, and played a prominent role in the Edaran War.

Sestra (Sess-tra) — A collection of primarily migratory, seafaring nations primarily originating in the western seas to the far south of Edara. Known for shipping, fishing, and transportation, as well as piracy and smuggling.

Slantshore — A small county on the south-western coast of Edara. Primary exports are fishing.

Sunsetton — An important port connecting the south-western coast of Edara with the rest of the coast and the interior via the Mandarian River. Lies at the edge of the Western Expanse.

Thwarp — The Edaran slur for those of Extranatural birth. Originated during the early stages of the Edaran War, presumably from soldiers. Short for “Earth-warper”. Variations include “Scorcher” and others.

Valgardia — Information insufficient/inaccurate. Mentioned in various Free Nation and Edaran folklores, but most stories are inconsistent.

The Wasteland — A large stretch of unexplored desert to the south of Edara, comprised of a large number of small nations and loosely allied peoples. Frequently struck with massive sandstorms and chemical imbalances, making life incredibly difficult.

Western Expanse — The official name for the mostly unexplored forest stretching along the Edaran west coast from Sunsetton north to Rene, and inward for scores of miles. Colloquially called the Great Forest, the Dark Forest, and the Forbidden Frontier.


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