Abrazza — An old family of wine brewers, regarded as the finest in all of Edara, to the degree that the family, primarily freelander, was officially adopted into Edaran citizenship.

Acriti — A quadruped animal in the rabbit family that thrives on poisonous mushrooms, plants, and fungus, which it processes to create an acidic, poisonous coat. In captivity, it’s theorized that acritis not fed a poisonous diet would not develop such a coat.

Access Road — An area behind the Pit that serves as a break room, connector, and lounge for Pit staff.

Aerithim — One of the titles given to the leader of a wolfpack. 

Armorott — An armored otter-like creature that travels in massive packs through dense forest biomes. Typically known for herding floragons, armorotts have one of the most organized and complex animal societies known in Edara.

Ashleaf — A quick-growing leaf native to the eastern coast of Edara. Typically rolled into fyrettes or smoked in a pipe, provides a mild buzz, but can be very addictive.

Apostalys — The only known Level Seven Extranatural. Also known as Duskbringer, Light’s End, and various other names, his arrival and path of destruction sparked the Edaran war before his eventual defeat at the Battle of Heaven’s Gate.

Black Crystal — A highly addictive and potent drug that has been unilaterally banned in Edara. Consumed by smoking or ingesting crushed powder.

Bonboard — A common game played at gatherings, in which small bags of sand or beans or other substances are tossed at a board with a hole in the center. Scoring systems vary regionally.

The Cave — A fight club and training gym in the upper, central portion of the Old City. 

Crasca — A commoner’s sport in Edara, played using a ball, two goals, and the use of all parts of the body except for feet.

Crescent Hog — A species of boar named for its spiraling tusks, which typically reach full crescents, but if left unbothered in captivity can grow into many-leveled spirals. 

CrystalOne of the five Pit organizations, Crystal sits directly at center and acts as the Pit’s “entry point.” Offering music, dancing, and drinks at a more accessible environment than other Pit organizations, Crystal is often regarded as the most welcoming and least adventurous location in the Pit. 

Darkwood — A rare, slow-growing hardwood. Considered a sign of luxury when used in furniture.

Dragonblood — A powerful hallucinogen distilled from the dragon orchid. Delivering an 8-10 hour trip, users often claim to feel connected to something force that is more primal and intrinsic.

Dragonfire Cocktail — An explosive projectile made from high-proof liquor and an ignition source

The Duskfall — The events surrounding the arrival of Apostalys in Edara.

Earthshifter — Colloquial term for earth-based extranaturals who can move or manipulate stone, rock, and dirt.

Eclipse —  The Old City’s premier restaurant, which has been run by the same family for generations and is considered by many the world’s premier culinary experience. Rumored to welcome crime families and Edaran officials all the same.

Edara (Eh-Dar-uh) — The common name for the continent containing the Nation of Edara and smaller states.

Erfak — A slur for Edarans used by freemen. Translates roughly to “Land Raper”.

Ersa — A legendary wolf spirit rumored to protect all those who run under the night sky. 

Etern Prote Lyreska — “We Protect the Light Forever”, a response to the call “Lyrescka Vren.” Reserved exclusively for Light Corps members.

Fire Crystals — Naturally occurring crystals that can be found around hot springs and other areas of geothermal activity. Essentially concentrated fire energy. 

Fireballs — A medium-strength narcotic that speeds the heart, increases energy and focus, and improves confidence. Distilled from the hearts of pronchen, which produce it naturally, 

Firewine — Fortified wines infused with magma crystals from the firelands.

Fire Liquor — Thrice-distilled spirits made from grains using firelander methods. Officially, liquor is only true Fire Liquor if produced naturally using teruvian magma cycles.

FlareThe brother pleasure den to Velvet. Founded almost immediately after Velvet due to exceptional demand for a wider selection, Flare offers a mirror reflection to its sister, embracing its title as a “Theater of Decadence.” Unlike Velvet, Flare does not specialize in any gender role or identity, and offers instead “the entire sexual spectrum.”

Floragon — Massive carrier creatures capable of storing and disseminating water-based extranatural power. As a result of their constant brimming power, they cause plants and animals around them to grow, and even have small microforests atop their backs.

The Full Moon’s Guard — The official title for the Moon Dogs’ war pack. 

The Garden of Stars — A high-stakes gambling room at the top of Gold, formally used only at the request of management. The games played at the Garden of Stars are etched into branches cut from the correwood tree growing in the Garden’s center.

Gifted — The Free Peoples’ term for humans born with extranatural powers, regardless of magnitude.

Gorchan Wolfhound — A species of dog bred in Gorcha, an Edaran province bordering on the Railenheim province. Known for their intelligence, size, and strength, these hounds are believed to have split from wolves in recent history.

GoldA casino located in the Pit, and common meeting place for Pit staff.

The Great Shattering — A cataclysmic event taking place before most records, yet codified into legend. Believed to be the reason for the Valgardians disappearance, the creation of the Wasteland, and many other myths and stories.

Greatwolf — A species of wolf distinctly interrelated with the wolfpack tribes of Edara and Juverra. It is unsure whether wolfpack tribes merely possess the ability to transform into Greatwolves, or if the two are one and the same.

Green — A resilient herb found across the continent of Edara and Juverra. When smoked or consumed, has a mild enhancement of senses and mood, as well as a reduction of cognition. Notable for the green flecks in the eyes while in the body.

The Golden Serpent — One of the four families of the Erasmus Pact. Contrary to the typically loosely associated Sandren tribes of the Wasteland, the Golden Serpent is known for its exceptionally strict hierarchy and codification of rules. Unlike many crime families, The Golden Serpent is apolitical, and will supply services — primarily intelligence, mercenaries, and banking — to anyone capable of paying.

The Haven — A place for young freelanders with nowhere else to go. Sponsored by donations from various organizations throughout the Old City. 

Heaven’s Gate — A large city located at the edge of Perdanza, also known as the Edaran deep-south or the lost lands. Often referred to as the “Gateway through the Wasteland”, Heaven’s Gate and its surroundings are regarded as the only safe passage through the Wasteland. 

Heaven’s Gate was the capital of the Free Nation for the duration of its existence and the location of the decisive battle of the Edaran War. It is now controlled by Edaran forces.

Hen Den — A back room in a bar, traditionally used for discreet consumption of drugs or rendezvous.

The Icelands — Officially, lands north of the Rayksburg river, though many consider the frozen marshlands south of the region to be the official border to the icelands. A mountainous region bordered on the north by Frinr, the Frozen Land, and characterized by harsh, unpredictable weather as well as incredibly mineral rich lands.

Iceman — Colloquial term for extranaturals with ice- and thermal-based powers, primarily originating from Icelanders.

The Infinite Gears — The unconfirmed symbol of the Machine King, said to represent his power over the intricacies of all of Edara.

The Iron Wolf of Edara — A figure of legend in Edaran mythology, praised for the protection of Edara, the defeat of Apostalys, and the driving off of the Juverran invasion during the Edaran war, before his disappearance. Following the war, Ironism quickly rose to prominence as a dominant religion.

Juverra — The general term for the lands beyond Heaven’s Gate. Often referred to as a nation, though the Juverran peoples tend to be scattered and fiercely individualist, only uniting on rare occasions, like during the Edaran war. Since the war, Juverrans have retreated deep into their country. 

Lifeweaver — Primarily earth-based extranaturals that specialize in growth and healing.

Light Corps — The elite, most distinguished members of the Edaran military. Given a number of privileges and freedoms, especially during wartime.

The Lower Heights — The luxury district within the Old City. Not as prestigious as the Puntera homes, but well regarded as the second-finest district in the area. 

Lyrescka Vren“We are the light”, a battle cry of the Edaran military. Regular soldiers will respond with “Prote!”, which means “Protect [it]!”. The Light Corps response, however, is “Etern Prote Lyreska”, or “We Protect the Light Forever”. 

Mandas — The capital of Edara, located east of the center of the continent. Referred to colloquially as Central.

Mandarian (Man-Dare-E-N) River  — One of Edara’s largest rivers, flows from the central-west coast deep into the interior of the country.

Minns — A small village on the edge of the Killiara Valley. Little to no economic activity outside of subsistence farming/hunting/trapping.

The Moon Dogs — The dominant wolfpack in the Western Expanse and surrounding regions. 

Moondust — A chemical mined from the insides of mountains that acts as an extremely powerful narcotic, capable of sending users into a near comatose state. Users report feelings of euphoria and dreamlike adventures, though the compound is fiercely addictive and highly lethal in large doses.

Nation of Edara — The primarily natural-born human nation comprising most of the Edaran continent. Has a history of conflict with the Gifted peoples of the continent.

Necklace-Eyed Muckmaw — Scavenging and predatory jawless fish found in the rivers and lakes of Central Edara. Though most specimens are small, solitary bottom feeders, the right conditions and an abundance of food have caused them to grow much larger, and display far more aggressive behavior.

The New City — The Edaran settlement north of the Mandaco in Rene. Build to prioritize defense and transport, The New City connects Mandas to the coasts of Edara and beyond.

Oceanus — “The Ocean that Encircles the World”. Presumed to encircle all of Edara, Juverra, the Icelands, and the Firelands, and all other lands between. Exploration has been limited in the North by the Frozen Wastes, on the West by the End Storm, in the East by the Boundless Glass, and in the south by the Seas of Fire.

The Old City — The primarily Freelander town south of the Mandaco, which makes up one portion of Rene. Run by the members of the Rasmus Pact, the Old City is an informal haven for freelanders on the west coast of Edara.

Old Edaran — An antiquated language previously spoken by one of the groups that united to form the Nation of Edara. Mostly extinct as a spoken language, although many of its words influence the current Edaran language.

Pomfret — A root commonly found in the deep wilds of Edara. When distilled, has a mild opiate effect.

Perdanza (The Lost Lands) — A hotly contested area between South Central Edara and the Wasteland/Heaven’s Gate. Historically split between Edaran dominated cities and Freelander dominated rural areas, this area was traditionally a zone of tense conflict, like Heaven’s Gate, until the Edaran War, when it was claimed by Edara, followed by massive ethnic cleansing of Freemen. 

The Pit — The central entertainment and pleasure district of the Old City, containing Flare, Velvet, Eclipse, Gold, and Crystal

Pronchen — A small, quadripedal mammal known as the ‘impossible prey’ for its ability to evade all known hunting animals. Capable of reaching exceptional speeds, pronchen are also known for their excited, vertical hops upon escape

Puntera — The luxury district beyond the far south end of the Old City. The location of the largest, most extravagant homes in the Old City.

Railenheim — Considered the “capital of the North”, Railenheim is a large city to the far North on the edge of the ice lands that stands as a link between the states of the north, and Edara. Under joint Edaran-Railen rule, Railenheim is one of the largest exporters of raw minerals and other materials on the continent.

Ravens of Dusk — One of the four families of the Erasmus pact. One of the oldest crime families on the Edaran continent, the Ravens of Dusk are a distinctly multicultural group thought to have connections cultivated through every major town and nation. Little is known about the official power structure of the Ravens of Dusk, though their primary strength is in politics and power.

Rayksburg — Known as the Seal City, both for the animals that call it home as well as its amphibious nature. In the frozen marshlands of the Northwest, where winter and summer bring rapid hard freeze and thaws, Rayksburg was engineered to sit on the surface of the massive basin of the Rayskburg Lake, and adapt to the harsh climates. Thanks to its strategic position, bordered on the west by Oceanus, on the north and east by Icelandic mine country, and on the south by the Rayksburg river, the city is one of the most important on the Edaran-Icelandic border, surpassed only by Railenheim.

Razorhawk — A medium-sized predatory bird, most notably identified by its shimmering armored feathers. Made of a light, yet exceptionally strong compound, razorhawks are both mobile and exceptionally well defended.

The Red Guard — Implemented in the early months of the Edaran war, the Red Guard were an interrogation force used to extract information from Freemen prisoners. Renowned for their harsh and brutal methods.

Rene (Reen) — The port connecting the Mandarian river to the sea. Split into New and Old cities by the Mandarian, and formerly bridged by the Mandaco Bridge.

Scorcher — Colloquial term for a Tier 3 or higher, Flare-class Extranatural. Scorchers are powerful and dangerous, and played a prominent role in the Edaran War.

Seekers of Dawn — One of the four families of the Erasmus pact. Believed to be either sponsored or at the very least supported by the Council of the Seas, the Seekers of Dawn are predominantly Sestran, though like all major crime families include other races. Considered by many to be a more loosely associated group than other, highly regimented families, their specialties are smuggling and transport. 

Sestra (Sess-tra) — A collection of primarily migratory, seafaring nations primarily originating in the western seas to the far south of Edara. Known for shipping, fishing, and transportation, as well as piracy and smuggling.

Shelk — Wooly quadripedal mammals found in bulk throughout central Edara. Related closely to deer, shelk are known for their large woolen coats, which act as a deterrent to predators. 

Skipjack — A drinking game popularized among those of the wolves. Two teams race in a relay to finish a full tankard of beer and then flip it effectively onto its head. The movement of up and down mimics the jumping of the skipjack as it swims, hence the name.

Slantshore — A small county on the south-western coast of Edara. Primary exports are fishing.

Sorensian Hoona — A fat, nearly spherical bird graced with exceptional senses and decidedly limited movement. Research seems to show that the Hoona’s only method of survival is its excessive mating habits.

Stelmira — A neighborhood on the southern, upper edge of the Old City. Named as such for the stunning views over both city and sky that produce the appearance of stars.

Sunsetton — An important port connecting the south-western coast of Edara with the rest of the coast and the interior via the Mandarian River. Lies at the edge of the Western Expanse.

Sunspots — A fungus-based narcotic that is produced in dry, arid climates at high altitudes. Typically dried and ingested, sunspots provide a 2-4 hour high including feelings of euphoria and high energy, followed by a distinct ‘crash’. Individuals who have ingested sunspots have vastly enlarged pupils, from which they draw their name.

Synchronization — A talent found in all extranaturals in varying degrees. Synchronization is the ability to “tap in” and “synchronize” to the energies of their surroundings. In doing so, many extranaturals experience heightened senses and perceptions of the world around them.

Teruvia — Colloquially known as the Firelands, a nation South of Juverra frequently torn by seismic and volcanic activity. For this reason, Teruvians have one of the highest incidences of Gifts among all Free Peoples, with many that are weaker in the gifts migrating to other nations. 

The Three Flames — One of the four families of the Erasmus Pact, initiated after decades of inter-family war. Primarily descended from Teruvian migrants (though not limited by race), The Three Flames draws many traditions from Teruvian culture and maintains open invitations to all those of Teruvian descent. Primary industries are narcotics and entertainment

Thwarp — The Edaran slur for those of Extranatural birth. Originated during the early stages of the Edaran War, presumably from soldiers. Short for “Earth-warper”. Variations include “Scorcher” and others.

Valgardia — Information insufficient/inaccurate. Mentioned in various Free Nation and Edaran folklores, but most stories are inconsistent.

Vassbeer — Translating to “cloud beer”, there are debates as to the origin of vassbeer’s brewing methods, which include the addition of urleyon petal during final brewing. The result is a drink with a much ‘lighter’ feel than standard beers while retaining flavor.

VelvetA pleasure den in the Old City’s Pit. One of the oldest organizations in the Old City, Velvet is well-renowned for its exceptionally high standard of security and service for both customers and employees. 

Vinecrawlers — A species of many-legged, tree-based, predatory cephalopod. With incredible camouflage, vinecrawlers live among the trees, striking at small birds, rodents, mammals, and insects, capturing them and devouring them with their many rows of teeth. Easily frightened by larger predators, and moderately intelligent.

Vividi MoriaTranslating to “Live Free Until Death”, this phrase became popularized among the people of the Free Nation during the Edaran conflict. Currently outlawed under penalty of imprisonment.

The Wasteland — A large stretch of highly dangerous, unexplored desert to the south of Edara, comprised of a large number of small nations and loosely allied peoples. Frequently struck with massive sandstorms and chemical imbalances, making life incredibly difficult.

Waverunners — A name both for small, nimble, and fast-moving Sestran watercraft and their crews. Driven by extranatural power, these craft and crews are regarded among the most formidable water-based vehicles.

Western Expanse — The official name for the mostly unexplored forest stretching along the Edaran west coast from Sunsetton north to Rene, and inward for scores of miles. Colloquially called the Great Forest, the Dark Forest, and the Forbidden Frontier, this area is home to dangerous and un-cataloged species. 

Wildspeech — A skill that can be found in extranaturals of all levels, but is more common in those with more power. Allows the user to communicate with various forms of life, though it is more effective on more intelligent species.

Wildwoman — The colloquial term for women with strong earth-based natural powers. The common belief is that women tend to have a more subtle, nuanced relationship with the earth and its wildlife, distinct from male tendencies towards more active, movement-based power.

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