Known Aliases: The Rose of the Sea, The Thorny Rose
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 170 lbs
Description: Grana de Marza is a Sestran with long black hair, dark skin, and distinctive blue eyes. Known for wearing gold and jewels to accent traditional Sestran seafaring attire, and can be easily identified by her insignia, crossed swords over a rose.
Known Associates: *Sera de Grott, *Zon de Rana, *Bo de Marza, Rega Argana, 60-70 crew, the Council of the Seas.
*In Sestran surnames beginning with “de” are given to those with no known family, based off of the island, ship, or group that they were born in.
Known History: Grana de Marza is a somewhat well-known smuggler and pirate captain, most notorious for her part in the capture of seven ships on the southwestern coast two years prior to the Edaran declaration of war. Since the disbanding of the Council of the Seas towards the end of the war there has been little news of de Marza and her crew, presumably retired from outright piracy.
Motivations: Monetary in nature. Known to pursue luxury goods and treasures whenever possible.
Abilities and Skills: Skilled in ship-to-ship combat and tactics, excellent navigator and captain.
Threat Level: Medium. Like many pirate captains, De Marza is ruthless when faced with a threat or an obstacle to her goals, but is not known for excessive violence like some former members of the Council of the Seas.

Other Notes: As of writing, predictions put De Marza and her crew on the southwestern coast, near Sunsetton. Central ships should take extra caution between Sunsetton and Rene.



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