The Fire of the World’s Ending

As the star fell, and the first footsteps of Valgardia returned to Edaran shores after centuries, something else awakened…

Power: Unrestrained

Appearance: Undefined

Motivations: Apocalyptic

“It is time for this world to come burning down. Whether it rises again is not for me to decide.”

The Jackal

A man of no known allegiance, no known family, and only vaguely Sandren descent, forged in the gray-and-brown-and-twisting crucible of the Blasted Wastes and the lost lands. Known to Edara and the surrounding lands as early as two decades before the war, the Jackal is the most enigmatic of the Mercenary Kings, with amorality and aversion to alliances exceeding even the tendencies of his equals. 

Frequently involved, forever uncaptured. Ever entangled, yet entirely unassociated.

“There’s a wonderful thing about war — it’ll never end. And as long as someone wants someone dead, I’ll be there with a contract and some morally reprehensible men to make it happen.”