The following is an incident report submitted to the Sunsetton Chief of Police.

Incident Report
45th Day of Summer, Year 6 of New Nation of Edara
Incident Type: Excessive Force
Subject: Sgt. Rand Duggar

Incident Description: 
At around sunset on the 45th Day of Summer, Year 6 of The Nation of Edara, eyewitnesses report a robbery of a large bakery. Two young men said to be of non-Edaran descent and described as ratty and unkempt were spotted stuffing loaves of bread into their jackets. Upon being spotted, the two young men fled the scene before encountering Sgt. Duggar. Eyewitnesses report that Sgt. Duggar drew his nightstick and struck one of the young men, before tackling him to the ground and continuing to beat the thief. Reports then state that the other thief stopped running and attempted to help his compatriot, but was restrained by other officers arriving on the scene. Sgt. Duggar then continued to beat the first thief until the boy was unconscious, and ultimately restrained. The boy sustained the loss of sight in his right eye, a broken arm, and bleeding from the ears.

Breaches of CoC: The Officer’s Code of Conduct describes excessive force as “engaging or continuing in physical violence towards a suspect or perpetrator that provides no reasonable threat”. Reports state that the boy was unarmed, and did not resist upon being detained, making this a direct violation of the excessive force clause.

Previous Infractions: 2 Suspensions for off-duty conduct, 3 allegations of excessive force, 1 confirmed case of excessive force, 5 citations for consumption of drugs and alcohol on the job.

Recommended Punishment: 5 day unpaid suspension and completion of reasonable force training.

Submitting Officer: Lieutenant Rappa Markos


Resulting Action: Insufficient Evidence of Excessive Force.




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