Age: 3

Shoulder: 4′6″
Tip-to-Tail: 7′
Weight: 200 lbs

Notes: Rowan has his father in him, something I realize more and more every day, but he lacks some of the discipline that made Dark Star so dangerous. I catch him breaking into the pantry sometimes, he can be lazy or lack seriousness, and he takes far longer to learn than his sister does, which might have come from his father’s death. Wolfhounds are pack animals, and I worry sometimes that being thrust into the de-facto Alpha position, at least between himself and his sister, may have come a little too early.

But that doesn’t mean that he’s not every ounce as strong, fast, and deadly as his father was, perhaps even more. At the rate Rowan is growing he’s set to match or surpass Dark Star for size, and his raw physical ability amazes me at times. He has potential, it just needs to be refined. I’ll see what I can do.

© Colin Sharpe 2017