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Welcome to the world of The Seventh Valkyrie, where primal forces begin to stir, awoken by the sheer power of a world-shattering evil known only as Apostalys.

And in their shadow, three unlikely heroes rise to shape the fate of the militant Edarans, the elemental Freelanders, and the entire world. 

Cyrus, a lost Valgardian with a voice in his head.
BC, a drug-loving bouncer with an anger problem and tattoos she won't explain.
And Val,  the man once known as The Iron Wolf of Edara.

Step into the first epic fantasy written natively for audio 
and illustrated with AI art!

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About the Series

A hello from the author and creator, and a brief overview of what to expect from the Seventh Valkyrie series. 

An inside look at Cyrus, BC, and Val, the main characters we've met so far in the Seventh Valkyrie series

The first taste of the colorful magic and creatures of the Seventh Valkyrie world, as well as the peoples who live there.

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