High Commander Crayle Jossun

“Raised to High Commander of Rene after his flawless record regarding domestic control, civil unrest, and security as Special Director of Rene throughout the war. A career man with a lifelong dedication to the protection of Edara and her interests throughout the continent, High Commander Jossun has shown time and time and again an admirable character, decisive will, and utmost commitment to the people of Edara and the extermination of her enemies.”

– Commendation and Biography Upon Five Year Anniversary of Commandership

“I will fight until my last breath to see the Edaran nation raised to its highest heights, and I will move with great strength and force towards any obstacle that stands in her way.”

Protector Meridia Barrowsdaughter

“The first female member of the Light Corps inducted since the end of the war, Meridia Barrowsdaughter is recent Single Star Light Corps member noted as a shining example of conduct, adherence to the rules, and single-minded dedication to the cause. Choosing her unique and challenging trio of weapons — punch knives, throwing knives, and bow — in honor of the Glorious Iron Wolf, she presents an admirable model upon which all soldiers should strive.”

– Commendation Upon Induction into the Light Corps, 6 ANE

“It is because of Him that I and my family are alive, and for that, I will humbly strive to help the forces of Edara carry his mantle until the day I die.”

Protector Chaden Blackman

“With his dashing good looks and a sword plunged into thwarp hearts almost as often into serving girls, Chaden Blackman is another brave, bold, and proud soldier to represent everything this country stands for. In honor of his exceptional record of over two hundred arrests since his induction — with only half resulting in thwarp deaths, at least we think, we haven’t checked — we hereby raise Protector Chaden Blackman to Two-Star Light Corps.”

– Commendation Upon Promotion in the Light Corps, 6 ANE

“I came to the Light Corps for two reasons. To kill thwarps and sleep with women from all across this great nation. And since I’m stuck in Rene for the time being, I might as well kill some thwarps.”

Administrative Officer 3rd Class Lonn Brickander

“A sharp, intelligent boy with little people skills and a love for books. I find him to be the perfect recommendation into the administrative ranks.”

– Letter of Recommendation

“It’s because of our hard work in here that the heroes out there can do their jobs!”