Following the Events of A Fallen Star

The following report has been sourced from the Edaran National Threat Watch.

Subject: The Machine King
Known Aliases:
 Kyrie Krona
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 280 lbs
Description: Krona is of unknown ethnicity, with fair skin, silver hair, and violet eye color. He is clearly distinguished by his metal body parts, which consist of his left eye and leg, his right arm, and portions of his chest.
Known Associates: Knightmare, The Clockwork Soldier, Numerous foot soldiers and subsidiary organizations
Known History: Much about Kyrie Krona is unknown as of writing. It is assumed from numerous corroborated reports that his influence over the criminal underworld of Edara and the surrounding nations is unrivaled by any, but all attempts to track him down, gain information about his whereabouts, or bring him into custody have been met with failure, and led to the death of nearly all officers and informants involved.
Motivations: Unknown. Presumed to be anti-Edaran in nature.
Abilities and Skills: Unknown. Unsubstantiated reports claim that Krona is incredibly intelligent, and may contain abilities unknown to modern knowledge, possibly related to his metal extremities.
Threat Level: Unknown. Assumed to be equal to Tier 4 or Tier 5 Extranatural. Approach with EXTREME CAUTION.

Other Notes: Hello there, reader, it is I, Kyrie Krona. Surprised to hear from me? Not shocking. The Edaran Military believes their vaults to be so secure, their men to be incorruptible, but they know nothing.

You will be seeing more of me soon.

Very soon.


Following the Events of A Slanted Reflection

The following letter was discovered printed in a recent edition of the Mandas Times. An extensive investigation is being done into possible ties to criminal organizations, though much like previous Machine King missives, little is expected to be found. 

To My Loyal Subjects,

It appears the time has come where I must leave you for a moment. 

To those who walk in the light, I beg you close your doors and keep them locked in the evenings. For the creatures of darkness may squabble quite sloppily while their King is away. 

To those who cling to the shadows, I remind you that this city of mine rewards the strong and crushes the weak. I turn a blind eye to your crimes, your alliances, my promises until my return. The mountain is there to be climbed. 

And to my false counterpart, the False Ruler, and his scrambling insects, I say only this. 

Thank you. You do a wonderful job housekeeping for me. 

Until my return, 


© Colin Sharpe 2017