By Everell Flint

All of Mandas knows the name of Kaspian Korr. The eccentric inventor-mogul-philanthropist sprung to prominence with widespread innovation following the Edaran War, leading Edara to first rebuild stronger and better than ever before, and then surprising the world by giving away much of his vast fortune. Now, his companies continue to build the future of Edara from our skyline to our homes to our schools, but Korr isn’t finished, not by a long shot. Just recently Korr announced a groundbreaking new technology, something that he calls the “steam engine”, that he promises will be the next major step in Edaran advancement. The following is a quote directly from his announcement.

“Fire. It heats our homes, it cooks our food, it lights our way, it allows us to bend the great metals and elements to our will… and now, it will allow us to move faster, to work less, and to make much of our hard manual labor a thing of the past. With the steam engine, fire becomes the fuel of our industry, and the fuel of the future.”

I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to speak to this visionary four times before this massive announcement, and it is my pleasure to announce that this week’s Mandas Times features my fifth interview with Kaspian Korr, about his life, his loves, his vision, and how he’s driving the future. Turn to page 10 for the full story.


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