On Wolfpack Naming Conventions: Pups are referred to by their mother’s name until they have earned their first title. A wolf’s title may change many times throughout their lifetime at the agreement of the pack, with the exception of the current Aerithim, whose title is given only by unanimous agreement of titled wolves.

Striking Silverlight Like Moonbeams Trisden

Named for his fierceness and grace in battle, Striking Silverlight Like Moonbeams Trisden is the Third of the Moon Dogs. In most wolfpacks, the Third is responsible for overseeing the security and intelligence of the pack throughout their territory, and is traditionally concerned with issues pertaining to intrusions, abnormalities, and disputes. In many ways, the Third represents the claw and fang of the wolfpack.

Grace and Strength of Rainstorm Eva

Named as such for their hunting prowess, Eva and her sister Eyre take charge of the hunting, cooking, beverage, and overall nourishment of the wolfpack, reporting directly to the Denmaster. Highly regarded by the traditionalists as the oldest and most fundamental position within the pack, Huntsmasters and Huntsmistresses are selected carefully, and are a point of great pride within wolfpacks.

Oak-Thick-and-Strong Doran

One of the longest-standing titles in the Moon Dogs, Oak-Thick-and-Strong Doran also stands as the oldest single-title wolf in the wolfpack. There are several schools of thought on single-title wolves throughout the world. Some believe that single-title wolves have not shown growth, and a single-title represents a problem to be corrected. Others believe that in cases, a single-title wolf indicates a truly selected first title, and a source of stability in the group. Oak-Thick-and-Strong Doran is generally regarded as the latter, and few dare speak the opposite.

Soaring Springtime Pallen

The youngest wolf in line to be titled, Soaring Springtime Pallen is what is known as a ‘pre-titled’ wolf, who has shown the maturity and growth to shed his littername, but has not yet finished the rites expected of a fully titled wolf. Often regarded as an initiation period, ‘pre-titled’ wolves are given more delicate names to indicate their youth, and can be unofficially used as a sign of ridicule.

Velyn, Daughter of Frala

One of the eldest pups still with their littername, Velyn, daughter of Frala is within the range of ages to receive a title, but has been yet to do so. Some debate that as a wolfpack grows, eventually its youth wait longer and longer to receive titles as their are less opportunities to mature, but such does not seem to be a problem in the Moon Dogs. 

Gray-Wind in the Late Evening Rolman

Foremost Western Listener for the Wild, Gray-Wind in the Late Evening Rolman is the oldest wolf in the Moon Dogs, serving as counsel and advisor to the past two Aerithims. Traditionally, after reaching a certain age wolves retire from active duty. However, the lack of a fully trained successor, and the first-class expertise in Gray-Wind in the Late Evening Rolman, have led to a career extending past fighting age. 

Swift-Coursing Snowfed River Raelara

Second of the Moon Dogs, Den Master, and She Who Dances With Stars, Swift-Coursing Snowfed River Raelara is one of the youngest known Second’s and mate to Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim. It is not common for the Second of a wolfpack to also be She/He Who Dances With Stars (the official title of the Aerithim’s mate), as the position is exclusively selected due to the qualities of the wolf. 

However, the title of She Who Dances With Stars is also not a disqualifier for any other title, and in the eyes of the wolfpack, a true Second is a true Second. The Second’s roles are primarily internal, overseeing the hunting operations, raising of young, and security of the pack, as well as serving as leader of the pack in the Aerithim’s absence.

Lyca and Sandra, Daughters of Raelara

Looked upon with great interest due to their pedigree, Lyca and Sandra, Daughters of Raelara are the first Star Wolves (daughters of the Aerithim and She/He Who Dances With Stars) born in a generation. Apart from their unique hybrid colorizations, which are notable regardless of parentage, they are also the first wolves conceived between an Aerithim and Second in recent memory, which speaks to an incredibly high genetic potential.

Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim, the Star Tailed Comet

A late-risen Aerithim — though not for lack of potential — Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim has reigned as the Star Tailed Comet of the Moon Dogs for more than a century. Identified early as a strong candidate to replace the previous Aerithim, Heart-of-the-Woods Wildwolf Aerithim, Midnight-Dark Greatjaw left the pack for many years to wander the worldwilds. 

Midnight-Dark Greatjaw’s return, and subsequent conflict over the succession of Aerithim with his brother, then known as Eclipse-Black Sharptooth Rorque, might have been the cause of division within a wolfpack under many others. However, Midnight-Dark Greatjaw’s superiority in battle and lifeweaving, refined from his years of travel, combined with his humility in returning to the pack, led to a peaceful succession following Rorque’s exile.

Fallen Brother of Shadows Rorque

Older brother of Midnight-Dark Greatjaw Aerithim, Fallen Brother of Shadows Rorque once sought the title of the Moon Dogs’ Aerithim, rising to Third of The Moon Dogs. However, his clear preference for power and status over the wellbeing of the pack was well-noted, and for this reason Heart-of-the-Woods Wildwolf Aerithim maintained his position long after many thought his succession due. 

Immediately following his discovery of the return of Midnight-Dark Greatjaw, Fallen Brother of Shadows Rorque challenged his brother for the right to succession, despite Midnight-Dark Greatjaw’s decision to return untitled until he had regained one through his deeds. Upon his defeat, Fallen Brother of Shadows Rorque retreated into exile, and was thought dead or disappeared before resurfacing among the forces of corruption more than a century later.