Bram Cooper

The following is a person-of-interest filing regarding the horrific attacks on Sunsetton, and the murder of thirteen Sunsetton soldiers on Autumn 2, 7 ANE (Age of New Edara)

Full Name: Bram Cooper

Description: Edaran, mid-fifties, height slightly above six feet, large build, brown hair and eyes. 

Known Associates: Cyrus Delgami, Salwae Cooper, Samantha Cooper, Roger Cooper, Tim Cooper, Officer Danny Wharta, Trandel Crenshaw, Sam Portha

Potential Threat: Low

Notes: Mr. Cooper has a long history of work with Sunsetton, with records showing a 35 years of consistent trading within the city. Originating from Cranston, he has no record of any criminal violations in Sunsetton or any other city/parish across Edara, and numerous character references regarding his generosity, even temper, and sense of justice. 

However, Mr. Cooper is under investigation and under a warrant to be detained for questioning with regards to the smuggling of one Cyrus Delgami into the city, who is deeply connected with the attacks on Autumn 2. Mr. Cooper’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Rand Duggar

The following is an incident report submitted to the Sunsetton Chief of Police.

Incident Report

Date: 45th Day of Summer, Year 6 of New Nation of Edara

Incident Type: Excessive Force

Subject: Sgt. Rand Duggar

Incident Description: Eyewitnesses report that Sgt. Duggar drew his nightstick and struck one of the young men, before tackling him to the ground and continuing to beat the thief. Reports then state that the other thief stopped running and attempted to help his compatriot, but was restrained by other officers arriving on the scene. Sgt. Duggar then continued to beat the first thief until the boy was unconscious and ultimately restrained. The boy sustained the loss of sight in his right eye, a broken arm, and bleeding from the ears.

Breaches of CoC: The Officer’s Code of Conduct describes excessive force as “engaging or continuing in physical violence towards a suspect or perpetrator that provides no reasonable threat”. Reports state that the boy was unarmed, and did not resist upon being detained, making this a direct violation of the excessive force clause.

Previous Infractions: 2 Suspensions for off-duty conduct, 3 allegations of excessive force, 1 confirmed case of excessive force, 5 citations for the consumption of drugs and alcohol on the job.

Recommended Punishment: 5-day unpaid suspension and completion of reasonable force training.

Submitting Officer: Lieutenant Rappa Markos

Resulting Action: Insufficient Evidence of Excessive Force.

Grana de Marza

Known Aliases: The Rose of the Sea, The Thorny Rose

Description: Grana de Marza is a Sestran with long black hair, dark skin, and distinctive blue eyes. Known for wearing gold and jewels to accent traditional Sestran seafaring attire, and can be easily identified by her insignia, crossed swords over a rose.

Known History: Grana de Marza is a somewhat well-known smuggler and pirate captain, most notorious for her part in the capture of seven ships on the southwestern coast two years prior to the Edaran declaration of war. Since the disbanding of the Council of the Seas towards the end of the war, there has been little news of de Marza and her crew, presumably retired from outright piracy.

Threat Level: Medium. Like many pirate captains, De Marza is ruthless when faced with a threat or an obstacle to her goals, but is not known for excessive violence like some former members of the Council of the Seas.

Other Notes: As of writing, predictions put De Marza and her crew on the southwestern coast, near Sunsetton. Central ships should take extra caution between Sunsetton and Rene.