Nemanu de Grott*

*Sestran surnames beginning with “de” are given to those with no known family, based off of the island, ship, or group that they were born in. This tradition is also common among the people of the Old City.

Raised among the seas before settling in Rene, Nemanu earned a stellar reputation facilitating relationships between Sestran smugglers and the Seekers of Dawn. Currently, he serves as the attache to the Rayko, a minor family with strong ties to both parties, and continues to oversee smuggling and transportation operations, as well as minor family activities.

Klay Srevel

A half-Edaran born to a poor Juverran single mother, Klay spent his youth frequently in and out of trouble in the Lower and Middle Rings of Mandas. After his mother’s passing, a traumatizing experience with a john, and a subsequent prison sentence, Klay left the capitol for the Old City, where he now serves among the premier members of Flare’s staff.

Nalecc ‘Queen Freedia’ Dereava

The Diva of Decadence, Creator of Crunk, Mistress of Masquerade, Master of Men, and Queen of Queens, legend says that Nalecc ‘Queen Freedia’ Dereava blew into the Old City as the final stop on a three-year worldwide bender of drug and decadence. Then known as ‘the Prince’, the legend states that Dereava declared herself “Queen of Flare and its Fabulous Fuckboys”, and has run the organization ever since. 

Rumored to be of royal Teruvian descent, Queen Freedia is thought to have calmed over the years, but stories are still told of rare nights when the Diva of Decadence returns to the stage. 

Ceres ‘Mama’ Maven

Born to modest family in the Outer Heights of the Old City, Mama Maven is a third-generation Old City native, who assisted in the founding of the Haven at a young age. She has run the organization through the past three decades, including through the heart of the war, and has put into place measures through the support of various Old City organizations to ensure supplies and funding for the Haven long after her retirement.

Rama Wildspeaker

Adopted into the Wildspeaker order as a young girl thanks to her incredible talent as a lifeweaver, Rama Wildspeaker is one of the liaisons between the forest-dwelling order and the Old City, occasionally offering training to other promising young lifeweavers, and following the Wildspeaker order’s pledge to heal and protect any living creature. 

Kell Teramsen — The Rat

Raising from dirt poor to street scrapper and finally to head of one of the most prominent independent gangs in the Old City, Teramsen earned his title for his cunning, and “absolute refusal to be killed.” Retiring from the street pits “unbeaten but definitely not unbroken”, The Rat invested in petty crime, street drugs, and bootlegging, all activities deemed ‘below’ the major crime families. 

Treading the line between notoriety and notice from the powers that be, Rat was approached by a Machine King intermediary nine months prior to the events of A Slanted Reflection, resulting in two successful jobs prior to the interference of the Iron Wolf. 

Strena *de Vera

Left by her mother at the Haven as a baby, Strena’s Gift was one of a few that manifested at a very early age (estimated to be before her first birthday) in response to the Duskfall and Apostalys’s arrival. Since then, her Gift has only grown stronger, and even at a little over age 10 her raw power, talent in lifeweaving, and ability in synchronization is proficient. 

Strena’s natural curiosity and love for animals are nearly as equal as they are troublesome, most notably leading to her frequent wanderings in the forests beyond the Old City, and the adoption of Goobah the Sorensian Hoonah.