Following the Events of A Fallen Star

The following is an enlistment review submitted to the Edaran Corps at their South-Central Edara in year 6 BNE (before New Edara)

Applicant Name — (REDACTED)

Age — 18
Height — 6’2″
Weight — 220 lbs
Eye Color — Brown
Hair Color — Brown
Nationality — Edaran (Southern)

Test Results:

Psychological Examination: Pass (100/100)
Written Examination: Pass (93/100)
Physical Examination: Pass (Details Below)

15k Run: 45 Minutes*
Bench Press: 45 reps at 225 lbs*, 500 lb max*
1500m Swim: 16 Minutes*
*New record

Skills: Pass (Details Below)

Swordsmanship: 15-0-1** (**Draw came versus instructor)
Hand-to-Hand: 16-0-0 (Including versus instructor)
Mounted Combat and Maneuver: 90/100


Mr. (REDACTED) has displayed a level of discipline, determination, will to improve, and physical prowess that is unprecedented in the history of this organization. He will greatly benefit any division of this military.

I am hereby recommending Mr. (REDACTED) for enrollment in the (REDACTED) Program, effective immediately.

Following the Events of A Slanted Reflection

The following is a filing submitted to Rene High Command.


High Commander, 

I am writing to formally request intelligence, soldiers, and authorization for an operation to track the whereabouts of Prisoner No. 43001, Valentin Descartes, following his escape from Rene High Detention.

His exceptional physical attributes and combat skill exceed the training capacity of any known splinter faction, and his seeming alliance with thwarp terrorists presents an exceptionally dangerous combination. Combined with his outright blasphemy in claiming the title of our Lord and savior the Iron Wolf, I believe it is well within our interests to pursue Prisoner No. 43001. 

I have taken the liberty of including his booking report to expedite his addition to our targeted persons list, and have also included a proposed action plan for his location and capture. 

Etern Prote Lyrescka,

Meridia Barrowsdaughter

Single Star Light Corps


Prisoner No: 43001

Given Name: Valentin Descartes

Known Aliases: Falsely Given

Height: 6’8”

Build: Warrior

Race: Edaran (Southern)

Features: Long brown hair and beard, fake Light Corps tattoo

Offense(s): Impersonation of Light Corps, Assault on a Light Corps Officer, Threatening a High Commander, Trespassing on Military Property, False Entrance Into City (Rene Code), Blasphemy

Notes: Travels with two Gorchan Wolfhounds, and should be treated as highly dangerous. Injured during capture, medical care administered. Arresting officer Meridia Barrowsdaughter has recommended transfer to the Red Guard




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