Valentin Descartes

The following is an enlistment review submitted to the Edaran Corps at their South-Central Edara in year 6 BNE (before New Edara)

Applicant Name — (REDACTED)

Age — 18
Height — 6’2″
Weight — 220 lbs
Eye Color — Brown
Hair Color — Brown
Nationality — Edaran (Southern)

Test Results:

Psychological Examination: Pass (100/100)
Written Examination: Pass (93/100)
Physical Examination: Pass (Details Below)

15k Run: 45 Minutes*
Bench Press: 45 reps at 225 lbs*, 500 lb max*
1500m Swim: 16 Minutes*
*New record

Skills: Pass (Details Below)

Swordsmanship: 15-0-1** (**Draw came versus instructor)
Hand-to-Hand: 16-0-0 (Including versus instructor)
Mounted Combat and Maneuver: 90/100


Mr. (REDACTED) has displayed a level of discipline, determination, will to improve, and physical prowess that is unprecedented in the history of this organization. He will greatly benefit any division of this military.

I am hereby recommending Mr. (REDACTED) for enrollment in the (REDACTED) Program, effective immediately.



© Colin Sharpe 2017

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