Seven years ago, Edara and the Free Lands were torn apart by the arrival of Apostalys and the ensuing war between humans and Extranaturals for the broken continent it left behind. Now, Edara rules over an uneasy peace, but it was never going to last.

A falling star lights the sky, and ancient gears begin to grind forward. Cyrus washes ashore on Edara’s coast with a voice in his head, a growing magical power, and a mystery centuries old to uncover. BC has a razor tongue, a tenuous relationship with the world’s most powerful crime bosses, and a dark past that will try to eat her alive. Val… well Val has two wolfhounds and sheer fucking determination, and that has never stopped him before.

Welcome their story, and the story of a beautiful, terrifying, deeply wild and magical world where the mundane and the absurd interchange and intertwine, and ultimately unfold into a battle for the heart and the fate of all humanity.

Welcome to the Seventh Valkyrie.

© Colin Sharpe 2017