The Seventh Valkyrie

Life's dark and colorful magic

And a boundless world too

small to contain it...

Volume 1 is Out Now!

Cyrus was burned alive and rebuilt during his escape from Sunsetton. Now he’s on the run, from Edara, from the hunger of the wild, and from the Fire of the World’s Ending.

BC has no real plan except to drink, smoke, and watch while the pleasure pits turn in hazy circles around her. A message, a dark past, and some ink-black tattoos say otherwise.

Val… well Val has his two wolfhounds and sheer fucking will. And that’s never stopped him before. 

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The Seventh Valkyrie Series

A hello from the author and creator, and a brief overview of what to expect from the Seventh Valkyrie series. 

An inside look at Cyrus, BC, and Val, the main characters we've met so far in the Seventh Valkyrie series

The first taste of the colorful magic and creatures of the Seventh Valkyrie world, as well as the peoples who live there.

As we look forward to A Slanted Reflection, Colin reviews where we are so far in the series. New readers beware spoilers!

Colin teases some of the upcoming adventure, with some insight into what A Slanted Reflection has in store for our heroes. 

Hello everyone! And welcome to week 1 of the Seventh Valkyrie read along and director’s commentary, accompanying ...

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Hello, hello, hello everyone! Writing this to y’all late Saturday night so it gets right to your ...

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