The Seventh Valkyrie

One night, a falling star marks the seven year anniversary of the Edaran War — a conflict between the Nation of Edara and the Free Peoples, smaller nations and tribes living at the edge of Edaran control. After a decisive victory at the Battle of Heaven’s Gate, Edara has taken control of the continent and now rules over an uneasy peace, but there is conflict brewing. The Free Peoples and their Extranaturals — humans born with elemental powers great and small — have gone into hiding beyond Edaran borders or attempted to reintegrate peacefully, but there are whispers of another war…

The next morning, a strange young man named Cyrus washes ashore on the coast of Edara, speaking of a mythical land known only in stories and claiming he’s searching for a way home. Elsewhere, in the wild mountains to the west of the Killiara Valley, a man known only as Valentin suddenly finds his peaceful life interrupted by the ghosts he’d left behind. In the south, at the heart of Rene’s pleasure district, the specter called Knightmare finds her work interrupted by the signal of an old ally after years of silence. And finally, in the heart of Edara’s capital city, a dark force lies in wait, ready to return to the light after years of exile.

This is the story of the Seventh Valkyrie.

© Colin Sharpe 2017