Note from the Author

The Seventh Valkyrie
A Journey 10 Years Young and Just Beginning

To all who have met me, and to those who I’m talking to for the first time, let me first extend a hello! My name is Colin Sharpe, and I am the author and creator of The Seventh Valkyrie, a hybrid science-fiction/fantasy series that follows the adventures of Cyrus Delgami, a lost Valgardian with a snarky voice in his head, and Valentin Descartes, a war-wearied soldier with a checkered past, as they find themselves pulled into a growing conflict that threatens not only the Nation of Edara, but the entire wild and magical world beyond its borders.

The Seventh Valkyrie started 10 years ago, in a 5th grade classroom, with a bold declaration — that I, a young lad of only 11 years, would write the greatest adventure novel that I or anyone else had ever read.

Needless to say, things didn’t quite turn out as planned. Five years passed — with drafts rising and falling unpublished, with names and places and events changing by the week or sometimes by the day, with long stretches where I wondered if it was ever going to be worth it, if I’d ever reach that goal I’d set so long ago.

But with each passing year, I had more to show for my efforts. The cycles of writing and rewriting got faster and more focused, and in the Fall of 2012, a little more than 5 years ago, I first wrote the names of two characters — Cyrus, and Valentin — and upon their backs I began to build the world that they lived in, and the epic adventure that I knew someday they would embark on.

Two and a half years later, in May 2015, I finally wrote the two words that I’d been searching for since I was 11 years old: The End.

That should have been it. 1100 pages into which I had put everything I had for the better part of my life.

And yet, exactly 2 years later, I found myself writing down, on a blank sheet of paper, words that I’d never thought I’d see again: Chapter 1.

See, what I hadn’t realized, even as it had been happening, was that writing the first book of Cyrus and Val’s adventures had changed me — as a person, as a writer, as a thinker — and by the time I reached the end, the story that I wanted to tell was entirely different than the one that I had set out to write all those years ago. I had grown up, I had changed, my world was different and so too was the world around me, and The Seventh Valkyrie had to change as well.

Volume 0 of The Seventh Valkyrie, available at midnight 11/7/17 to read, listen to, and explore on my website, is a new beginning, and my attempt to keep the promise that I made as a brash, cocky little 11 year old — that I would write the greatest adventure the world had ever seen. In a way, it’s a tribute to that 11 year old self, who loved things bigger, badder, and more colorful, and still lives inside me somewhere, just like I think it lives inside everybody else. But it’s also something for me now — a little more mature, a little more complex, and with some truth hiding deep inside it that I think everyone deserves to hear.

And so I hope, whoever you are — whether you’re eleven years old and reading a bit over your age range, or one-hundred eleven with thousands of books already filling your mental library — that this series brings you a little joy, a little sadness, a little adventure, and a little bit of truth. Because I know it’s brought them to me.

I’ll be writing,