The World of The Seventh Valkyrie stretches far and wide to the four points of the compass, hiding wonders, stories, and characters that have yet to be discovered. With each chapter our knowledge of Edara and the world beyond grows deeper and more detailed, and has been filled out and cataloged in this library.

TAKE NOTE! The following documents are kept strictly up to date with the most recent information about characters, peoples, and places. NEW READERS BEWARE SPOILERS.

The Encyclopedia Edara
Learn about the geography of Edara and the surrounding nations.

Character Bios
Take an in-depth look at the people of The Seventh Valkyrie through a series of character profiles and some short interviews.

Extranaturals: A Brief Study
A report from Mandarian University about Extranatural peoples, their abilities and strengths, and what we can expect in the future.

The Mandas Times — Steam: The Power of the Future?
A recent article about Kaspian Korr, a young Edaran scientist set to revolutionize the world with his incredible “steam engine”.